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Create a Dementia-Friendly Environment | Eden Social Welfare Foundation

Resource | https://goo.gl/iuV3zJ            Translator | Emily Chen


Home is a fundamental element to reassure one. When seniors with dementia staying in daycare centers are pestering for going home, what are they actually seeking for? Maybe, they are looking for a familiar environment. Therefore, creating a home environment- dementia-friendly environment- for persons with dementia conditions enables them to bring their life back.


 “Home ” Care Environment


The importance of creating a dementia-friendly environment cannot be overstated. There are a number of details when it comes to creating a dementia-friendly environment. Creating a home atmosphere and involving social connections within the setting are integral parts of designing dementia-friendly environments. Doing so would mitigate the conditions of senescent deterioration.


Fit in the Community


Persons with dementia require medical treatment, which is always associated with medical care. By mingling with a local community, people with dementia could receive community care in a living environment rather than in a medical shelter. Traditionally, people with dementia receive care in an unfamiliar environment, where they always lack of social connections, therefore leading to numerous fears and pressures. When they experience memory confusion and disorderly behavior, it could be substantial burdens to caregivers.


Creating a Sense of Belonging


When it comes to designing space planning for home, it is all about including different types of space planning, private spaces in particular. With different levels based on the conditions of symptom, unit care should be applied to look after persons with dementia. Differentiating public space, semi-public space and private space and planning an open kitchen and a living room enable caregivers to keep an eye on them by being visual guardians. Taking care of people through environment is more beneficial than through manpower. Allowing elder to decorate their own room also enables them to relive the good-old days.


Environment plays a vital role in affecting people’s aging process and result. Creating a dementia-friendly environment and maintaining local interpersonal relationships for persons with dementia allows them to live in a familiar social environment and to enjoy the rest of their life with self-esteem and autonomy.


Take a look on Eden’s Care Service Program: (CN) http://edencare.eden.org.tw/ (ENG) https://goo.gl/XsfuVj